Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Company Rechrge it All, is a Indian leader in integrated broad-based cash payment processing solutions. It is historically , established in 2014 with a revenue of Cr. 5 rs. in 2014 and over 1 cr. billion transactions. Company has recently launched operations in Money Transfer and at present, the Company cash acceptance network comprises over 1,000 plus outlets in India and accepting cash payments for the leading operators of mobile and landline communication networks, Pay TV services, Utility Companies (Electricity, Gas), Insurance Companies etc.

It requires very basic and simple instructions to install the application and commence accepting payments for recharges / top-ups. Adequate training and support is provided by Company.

It depends on your current facilities and a will to develop this business. For example, if your retail outlets already have PC with Internet connection, or Networked cash registers etc and you work with available cash, you can start easily with zero investments. Even if you don’t have any IT infrastructure, all it takes is a Java Mobile phone with Internet (GPRS) connectivity for you to start off. It is as simple as that. This is a unique opportunity to leverage your existing investments in your retail outlet/retail chain to add an additional revenue stream from a rapidly growing service sector.

Very Simple ! It's very easy to approach and get connected with Company services. We have clear and undestable agreement process for all availabe opportunities of Company. following are the steps involved while connecting to Company:- Company provides Dealers agreement form and registration details to Dealer. Dealer needs to submit agreement duly signed (Scan Copy) to Company Accounts Dept with necessary documents. (Scan Certified True Copy). Company will enable/activate dealers. Company will provide payment module application link with pre-requisites and installation guide. Dealers need to install Payment Module application either on PC, Windows Mobile Phone or Java Enabled phones. Company will do the testing for one of the dealer's outlet. Based on instructions Dealers can activate their sub-dealers / retail outlets. Sign off the project document after successful testing for one outlet.

can be discussed at the time of agreement sign-off.

Below are the documents required to be submitted at the time of Agreement.

You can use our current/running Bank Account otherwise; you need to open the Bank Account.

Yes. It's possible.

You can deposit money through online transfer OR through cheque into Company Bank Account. Company bank details will be provided at the time of agreement.

Yes. It is secured. Company transactions are done through a secured HTTPs link and use of electronic digital signature (EDS) that has a 512 -bit key, which eliminates risk of fraud and makes transaction of personal account replenishment in operators billing system incontestable. The security and reliability of Company system is underscored by over 13 years of impeccable track record.

The dealer account is an account which is created in the Company system and is credited with balance equal to the amount deposited in the Company Bank account by the Dealer. The Dealer (and the dealers activated outlets, if any) can accept payments totalling upto this amount. In case the amount in the Dealer account in the system reaches zero, then the Dealer will not be able to accept any payment for recharges or top ups. To ensure continuous operations and to avoid having to turn away customer for recharge, it is advised to the Dealer to continuously monitor the balance through the Company MIS module and top-up before zero level.

These are available in the portal and can be accessed with your login account from the portal.

We provide all statistics of transactions made by dealers on a web-portal, which you can access with your login account. The Portal provides summary information for a period, day wise transaction reports of every outlet etc. Different kind of reports can be created and exported to Excel as per requirements.

No, any addition of service providers in to those offered by Company is automatically reflected in the Company application at the Dealer outlet, the next time you login to the application.

Yes, you can. This is one of the advantages of the Company system. The cumulative amount for which the retail outlets can do the recharge / top ups cannot be more than the amount deposited by the dealer with Company. Also, you can, in case the outlet is not a company owned outlet, but a franchisee outlet, restrict the amount till which they can accept payments depending on your comfort levels for credit.

Once you get your admin login rights as explained in a previous question, it enables you to “create” outlets in your Company application, authenticate them for payment acceptance and link them to the amount limits to which you are allowed to accept payment.

Once you get your admin login rights as explained in a previous question, it enables you to “create” outlets in your Company application, authenticate them for payment acceptance and link them to the amount limits to which you are allowed to accept payment.

No. You don’t have any hassles of purchasing any paper vouchers or scratch cards, maintaining and reconciling stocks. All recharges are done by you through e-topups/e-recharges through your chosen retail device – mobile phone, PC/laptop, cash register, kiosks, ATM etc

Your account balance in the Company system is credited with your commissions/margins at the end of the day.

Failed / Unsuccessful transactions amount are not deducted from Dealers Account.